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Image of people participating in a workshop

Antarchakshu™-VIVIANA 2015

Antarchakshu™-VIVIANA 2015, conducted in one of India's largest malls in February, was a grand success and reached out to nearly 1,800 people. The event gave participants a unique insight into how visually impared persons can enjoy the mall experience.

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Direct Support & Training

If you are a person with vision impairment or a parent, caregiver or educator feel free to access any of our range of services: Access Technology Support, Training Services : Computers, O&M, English, Life skills, Volunteer Support...


Achieving Access - Advocacy Initiatives

Ensuring environmental access is key in ensuring that vision impairment or loss does not result in a disability. XRCVC's advocacy initiative works in four main areas of print access, financial access, educational access and independent living.


Breaking Barriers - Awareness Initiatives

The biggest barrier in inclusion is the barrier of the human mind. The awareness initiative through mega events, workshops and talks aims at breaking myths resulting from both lack of information and a closed mindset to help individuals...